NYC on Day 1

If there is a museum in the world that is as beautiful as the artwork inside, it is the Guggenheim in NYC.   It’s like a layer cake filled with the most yummy artwork.   You wend your way up and up and around and around, bouncing back and forth between focusing on the glorious artwork assembled on the outer white walls of the museum and peeking over the interior shockingly low concrete wall that separates you from plunging to your death.   Notice the gentleman in the photo above, looking up while holding onto that aforementioned wall that is at his waist.

The show inside was all about Wassily Kandinsky, lobby to glass ceiling full of his work.  Did you know that he successfully studied law and economics in Russia, and actually was offered a professorship but turned it down so he could paint? At age 30?  Talk about a hard left turn in life.

Amen to that.

It’s Day 1 of our recent left turn.  New York City is vibrant and freezing and filled with people who speak every language.  On the subway we watched one guy speak to himself endlessly, as if he was on an invisible cell phone call, and two other young guys announce to the whole subway train that they were going to perform to raise money for a young-child-at-risk program in the Bronx.  They then launched into a “step routine” where they pounded their feet and clapped their hands and hit their chests and thigh.  Hans gave them two thumbs up and two dollars.  We tried not to stare at the crazy guy.


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