What happens when the view, the thing that everyone is looking at and taking pictures of, just doesn’t come across in the photographs?   That’s what happened at the top of the Empire State Building.  Manhattan way down there, 86 stories below us, looked kind of stark and boring.  Grey actually, with not a stitch of greenery to be seen, what with it being winter and all.   The pictures of Hans and I, taken by Anders, and Anders and I, taken by Hans, had that pinched “will-you-for-god-sakes-take-the-picture-because-I-am-freezing” look about them.

Then I tried to take a picture of the Statue of Liberty as seen through the lens of the big silver telescope thingy. Instead of what I wanted, I got this yummy picture.  It looks as if thousands of little wet diamonds encrust this thing, when it actually is some sort of metal dimple effect.

Love the close-up.

We had our first bit of travel drama when we arrived at JFK airport after a traffic clogged drive that took twice as long as usual, only to find that the bellman at our hotel had not put all our bags in the taxi for us.  Lesson learned:  Always double check luggage in the taxi.   Our fearless frequent flyer Anders waited for the bag to arrive at the front of the airport, while he advised us to beg and plead with the gate agent to hold the plane for as long as we could.  He then did the O.J. Simpson running-through-airports drill, complete with cheering from the passengers in security.  When he arrived at the gate – out of breath but with the bag – after everyone but about 10 people had boarded the plane, Hans jumped into his arms with a loud “Daddy!” and burst into tears.

And with that sweaty and stressful beginning, we headed into what is shaping up to be the coldest January in Europe’s recorded history.


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  1. christa

    Love the bling. And way to go O. J. Glader. Let’s hope the similarities end with the airport sprint. Stay warm. Be well. Lots of love to you three. xo Christa

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