A Frozen Tower

Last night we took the Metro to the French equivalent of the Empire State Building. Unfortunately, because of frost, the upper observation tower was closed, so we viewed it from afar and up close.

This is Hans’ picture.

If it being lit wasn’t amazing enough, once an hour, for about 10 minutes, thousands of tiny pinpoint bright white lights make the whole tower sparkle.  This was utterly delightful and made everyone around us “ooh” and for one guy, jump around uncontrollably until his friend took a picture.  It’s that cool.

Like most things iconic, the Eiffel Tower was hated by many when first constructed.  It also was never meant to be permanent.  But it is spectacular at night, as you turn the corner out of the Metro and  … blam … you get this huge lacy iron structure lighting up the night sky.

For whatever reason, North African men have the corner on the market of pushing you to buy Eiffel Tower trinkets.  They glow in different colors.  The come on keyrings.  They can be purchased in a brass color, a shiny gold color, or a silver color and in all sizes.   I’m not one to buy a lot of crap, so these didn’t interest me, especially when I was trying to enjoy the actual thing right there in front of me.  These men couldn’t understand the idea that we didn’t want their things, even when the price bottomed out at “for free!”   It made me feel bad the first time it happened, when we said we didn’t want the guy’s things, even if he was willing to throw the whole pile at us.  I got over that, as it was a common tactic.   I guess even they knew the stuff was worthless.  How sad.


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