Because this has to be an evenly balanced trip between adults wants and child wants, we slipped into the Musee De La Curiosite et De La Magie the other day.   You walk down a flight of stairs into the cellar space of what used to be the 16th-century house of the Marquis de Sade, and wander through tiny stone rooms to see all kinds of ancient optical illusions, strange equipment used by magicians, and lots of automated little gee-gaws.

The clown above greets you at the door, and sticks out his tongue every so often.

The highlight of the visit was the magic show performed in a tiny theater.  In French, of course.  Magic needs no words, of course, and it was great to see pieces of rope sever themselves and then become long again, or small balls appear and disappear, and even card tricks.  Actually, not having to listen to the words allowed us to really concentrate on the actions of the magician.


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  1. It was for kids, all the way. We enjoyed it, though.

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