Put One Foot In Front Of The Other

Up.  And up.  And more up.  And yet more up.  We climbed to the top of the Arch de Triumph and then, because the lines at the Eiffel Tower were long,  we climbed to the top of floor two.

That’s over 1,000 stairs in total.

All up.

If we weren’t going up we were going forward, a total of about 6+ miles today.  When they caution that everyone should wear good comfortable footwear in Paris, it is certainly sound advice.   By the time we made it to dinner tonight, we couldn’t feel our fingers, my feet were making a healthy blister on the top of my little toe, and my inability to read a map had turned from something kinda cute to downright annoying.

But dinner was the perfect antidote.  Goat cheese and beet  on a toasted piece of bread amuse bouche.  Scallops in their shells appetizer and wild boar with mashed sweet potatoes and sweet walnuts, and a nice bottle of wine.

I’m hopeful that all this fresh air and movement will allow us to get to bed before 1 am, and therefore wake before 11 am.


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