Basque Country

With the Pyrannes as a backdrop, we drove today through beautiful farm country into some tiny villages that straddle the French and Spanish boarder.   We stopped on one tiny back road and Hans had a conversation with a flock of sheep, took a picture of an enormous bunny, and snapped a family photo of a donkey and her child.

Did I mention we have rented a car?  This is a particular joy of Anders, renting vehicles in foreign countries and driving.  It gives us the freedom to go wherever we want, and it just breathes life into any itinerary.  We’re driving a Citroen, which is not the Lamborghini that Hans would have liked, but such is life.

So we’re driving through the Basque country in France, and would you believe the language here doesn’t marry the French with the Spanish.  It is a whole ‘nother beast entirely.

Take a look.  We came upon this sign as we were driving on the Spanish side of the border.  I couldn’t tell you what it said, but I do know it is in Spanish.

About 50 feet after the first sign is the second sign, in what I think must be Basque.  It looks decidedly Eastern European influenced.  What is even more interesting, and gives a flavor as to the feelings of the people in this region, is that most signs with bi-lingual messages had the Spanish spray-painted over.


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  1. shelley

    hey sue,

    enjoying your travels along with you. just signed on after several days. you are (were) in the land of my grandparents. both french basque immigrants, traveling to america at the ripe age of 13?14? pour ma grand mere. bunus and banca sont les villages qui les habitent. basque est la langue mysteriuese pour les linguistes. il est similar de la langue celtique, je pense. interesant. j”oublie mon francais j’ai peure.

    aujourd’hui c’est le jour de la celebration de l’anniversaire de jackson avec la match de americaine footbal….mais il pluit beaucoup. tant pis. un autre jour .

    voyages securitaires et amusantes,

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