Cous Cous the Donkey

As you all know, we have traveled quite a bit as a family over the past 11 years.

We’ve done planes, from jets down to 4 seaters.  We’ve done trains. We’ve walked tons. We’ve been on ferries, and water taxis, pleasure boats and sailboats.  We’ve ridden on Camels in Australia.  We’ve crammed ourselves into Maxi buses, that are really vans that act as taxis.  We’ve done Bequia taxis, which are open backed trucks with bench seats. We’ve biked and kyaked and rocked and rolled and moved in all ways to get from here to there.

But we have never, ever done a donkey cart.  And certainly never done it so stylishly in checkered black and white pants.

But when your hotel room is down one of the body-wide side streets in the Medina of Marrakesh, then a taxi won’t fit. So the beast of burden, who is very very popular around here for carrying all manner of things heavy, arrives on scene.


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