Judging a Book

Imaging finding this as the entrance to your hotel room. What you can’t see is the fellow 3 meters down under the street, standing in water, attempting to install a huge water main pipe to upgrade the system.   What you can see is ours is not a very wide street.  The size of the path you walk between the wall of the building and the aforementioned 3 meter deep hole is about 10″ in some places.

This is Third World, with a capital 3.


Ring the bell on the unmarked door and voila, you enter one of the most heavenly spaces I’ve spent time in.  This is a riad, the Riad Noir D’Ivoire, a dwelling in the Medina, that has been turned into a luxury boutique hotel.  There are only 9 rooms here, 4 in one riad, and 5 in the other.  What you are looking at is the heart of one of the houses, a two-story open space that has a retractable roof for when the sun shines too  brightly, or the weather gets too cold or wet.

Christie, you would feel like you had died and gone to heaven here.


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