Things We Don’t Appreciate, Part 2


Really, we don’t appreciate water.

Because when it only comes from the heavens, and the heavens have crossed their arms and said “no, not today” to rain for five months running, people get thirsty.  And things start to die.

This is a picture of the tree in front of our house.  Usually it is fully in bloom, a dense green that blocks out a large part of our view of the harbor.  This year it is sticks and just the smallest white flowers budding, desperate to do their showy flowery thing and feed the hummingbirds.

Huge palm trees are dying.  The grapefruit tree down the driveway has old, brown grizzled-looking orbs on it, instead of pretty yellow globes.  I’ve taken to collecting the water from the kitchen and giving it to the dried up plants outside the front door.  Once the water is on in the shower, we’re in. It doesn’t matter that it is cold at first. It is wet, and that’s all that counts.


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