The Power of Perspective

He’s sleeping.  I think.

This close up doesn’t show you all the interesting stuff from the wide shot.

A bit of background is needed.

This was taken on Easter Sunday in Lower Bay.   People come from all over to Bequia on Easter Sunday, and many come from St. Vincent, the next island over.  The wide shot reveals:

1.  A dead drunk man who has the sense enough to pass out IN his ride home.  Thinking ahead.  Smart.

2.  Two young men showing off the “here’s-my-ass” shorts look.  Turns out this fashion statement is not an American thing.  They have to be sitting, because if they weren’t, their shorts would be at their ankles.  Oh, and red boxers look fantastic on black skin.

3.  The young man at the bow of the boat is wearing what looks like a child’s PDF.  This is good, because it means he can’t swim and is planning ahead.  I am always amazed that people who live on an island can’t swim. But many can’t.

4.  The other couple is simply “liming.”  Hanging out.  Chilling.  Their boat (and I’m assuming it is theirs) turns from a mode of transportation into a place to sit.  Smart, since all the chairs at Da Reef were taken.

5.  Nobody is particularly concerned about the dead/sleeping man.  It’s easy to be carefree in the Caribbean.

I bet your Easter didn’t look like mine.



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3 responses to “The Power of Perspective

  1. christa

    we thought about getting the kids drunk and taking them boating on the bay. we had some colt 45 and body paint to replicate a carribean easter …. but it just didn’t feel Christian. so we hunted for foil covered chocolates in the rain, watched basketball and ordered Chinese takeout. And jesus stories were bantered about. ahhhhhhhmercia. ox

  2. wow. that’s a priceless slice of life. nothing like a good Easter bender. poured poured poured for our MV Easter… egg hunt inside and a lot of card playing. miss you – keep on writing!

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