Sea Glass Hunting

Sea glass makes my heart race.

There are many different ways of finding sea glass, and I consider myself an expert in this regard.   You might not know this, but there are degrees of difficulty.

To wit:

1.  You walk the high tide mark and see what you can find.  The glass sits right up there for you to pluck from the dry sand.  Degree of difficulty:  Easy.

2.  You don a set of goggles or a mask and you swim at the water’s edge, picking up glass from the sea bottom.  Degree of difficulty:  Medium.   That’s mostly because you have to hold the pieces in your hand while you swim.  Turns out it’s hard to swim with your fists clenching small bits of glass, and it is a minor disaster if you open your hand and your bounty starts floating back to the bottom.  I have been known to stuff the pieces in my bikini top and bottom (heavens!), which is wonderful for keeping your hands available, but kind of tricky when you’re trying to pull out the bits once on shore.  People think you’re scratching your coochie, or just being rude.  I’ve sometimes forgotten they are there, and found them at the bottom of the toilet when I’ve gone to pee.

And yes, I’ve fished them out.

3.  You wait patiently at the waters’ edge, bent slightly at the waist, while the waves move in and out.  When you spy a particularly lovely piece, you quickly snatch it off the bottom.  Degree of difficulty:  Expert.  You see, the waves wait for no one.  And the glass is not all that heavy.  Which means that you can spy a lovely shard, your brain says “ooooh,” and by the time you plunge your hand in, the wave has moved the piece somewhere else.   The very fact that you are standing nearby changes the pattern of the water flow, and that piece that you so very much want is now buried under sand due to the eddy around your ankles.    This is almost a Zen meditation.  You see something you want, but alas, you cannot reach it.  You must enjoy the act of seeing that lovely thing in that lovely moment, and that is all.

This, however, frustrates the hell out of me.  And I’ve been known to don my goggles and attempt to float in 3 inch water to find the piece.  As with the pulling glass and shell bits out of your swim bottom, this is not a very sexy look.

Sea glass will do that to a girl.



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3 responses to “Sea Glass Hunting

  1. Chris Carrico

    I am so glad to hear you are still going to Bequia! We must have just missed you by a few weeks this year-we are still going in March. I too, am still collecting sea glass!

    • Wowie, Chris. Great to hear from you. Anders and I have often wondered if you all still make the trek. Did you see my other blogs about Bequia? sue

      • Chris Carrico

        I am at work (shhh)….and just found your blog by accident so need to do some more poking around at home! I will check it out…your writing is superb. We loved your little newsletters during your year in the Caribbean.

        We have been doing the trek annually since the year we met you. We live for that trip, now staying at the opposite end of the beach with Smitty and Kalene.

        Congrats on your book…I will have to order a copy soon.

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