Work Less

Hmmm.  The front of this shirt says “Sail More.”

Our friends will be working not at all this upcoming week, thanks to a volcano is Iceland.  How’s that for globalization?  Their British Air flight was cancelled, and the soonest they could get rebooked was a week from now.  So suddenly their 2 week vacation morphed into a three-week vacation, and, as their youngest daughter Abi said, “And nobody is hurt and nothing bad has really happened.”  Indeed.

Family Glader skidded back into Mill Valley late Saturday night, and will endeavor to hold on to the essence of the Caribbean for as long as we can.  That will be profoundly difficult for Anders, who had to put on shoes (imagine!) and fly off to Portland this morning for strategy meetings with his new company.   Last year, he couldn’t concentrate for more than a few hours at a time when we came back, and this year will certainly be no easier.  Perhaps I should put a bit of Amos’ famous rum punch that we brought back with us in a thermos for him, to help buoy his spirits.

I am so relaxed I think I’m a bit of a danger on the road.


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