Stacking Up

Little dead sea urchins from the bottom of the sea.

I can’t get over how lovely they are.  They show the perfection of nature’s graphic design at work.

I wrapped them in tissue paper and said a prayer that they would make it the 17 hours of travel time back to my house.  They did.

They are, hands down, better than any t-shirt or other island item that I could buy.  But are they not just more stuff?  What is it about humans that we like to collect and possess things?  Might they not have done more on the sea bed?  Should I have left them as a home for some little critter?




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5 responses to “Stacking Up

  1. Marilyn

    Well, I have to say that I love those little sea urchins so much that I plunked down $5 a piece for them at Zaragoza. I just had to have them. They are inspirational to me and a reminder of nature’s sense of humor, style and amazing craftsmanship. Plus, for you, every time you see them you will be reminded of your time and friends in Bequit (sp?). All great reasons to collect special “stuff”.

  2. la

    this little critter would love to have them in her home…are you game? i’ll think of vous and all those homeless sea creatures every time i gaze at them. perty please…

  3. Lisa Greim

    The critters who used to live in those shells are done with them now. They were on their way to becoming grains of sand. I think you can collect them without fear.

  4. Lou Ann Glader


    Since 3 look very similar, and one is a different color, maybe keeping 2 and leaving 2 would be a compromise. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a lovely souvenir from paradise !! But we are a society of collectors, we just have to keep it within limits.


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