Bitch and Swap

What is better than finding a good bargain?

Finding something for free.

And to that end, every so often I ask my girlfriends to take a hard look at their closets and cull out all those things that they simply don’t wear.  Because it is the wrong color.  Or makes you look too fat.  Or thin.   Or just because … well … just because.

We gather.  We eat.  We arrange all our clothes around my living room (on the couch and coffee table, draped over the fireplace).  And we try on each other’s clothes.  And if something fits, we take it.   It is the ultimate recession busting shopping trip, because if you only wear something once, it doesn’t matter.  It was free.

Strangely, the pair of sweat pants that you thought were so hideous, actually look great on your friend.  Or the top that inexplicably got shorter and shorter (or was it your tummy getting bigger and bigger?) lays flat and looks great on someone else.  There is a real sense of accomplishment when you can pass on something useful to someone else, instead of into the hands of the Goodwill guys in the back of the tracker trailer parked in the Safeway parking lot.

My last Bitch and Swap was long on bitch and entirely too short on swap.

Why?  The hostess sat and bitched as nobody else showed up to swap.


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One response to “Bitch and Swap

  1. Ellen Mouchawar

    I’m in on your next one. I’ll drive up from this place so far away — or so it seems. Not sure how much I’ll have to swap, as I cull constantly, but I certainly will participate in the …

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