The Signature Move

I’m all for doing things your own way.

Take this little spider here.  I’m figuring she knew how most other spiders do it.  You know, all the way round in a perfect circle.  But she, well she had different ideas of how to weave a web.

And in case you think that perhaps it was a fluke, she made another one right next door.

I’m known for a few things.

Short hair.   Word gymnastics.   Cool shoes.   Controlled emotions.   Nipples.   Birthday albums and videos.   Interesting transportation.  Bad television choices.   Taking off.

Remember, the end of the bell curve is always the sexiest part.

So, what’s your signature move?



Filed under Beautiful things

3 responses to “The Signature Move

  1. Lou Ann

    That is truly amazing ! – and beautifully original !

  2. Eugene

    “Nothing can refresh you but that which from thine own soul spontaneous breaks.”

    This is from Goethe’s Faust but it certainly applies to spiders, especially spiders as they have no choice but to reveal what’s inside them.

  3. Renee Vollen

    An absolutely gorgeous image. Haunting and mysterious like our own natures.

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