A Whole Lotta Mess

My life right now feels a bit like this dinner table after Chesapeake Bay crabs.  (They encourage this, by the way.)

I want a clean desktop, both on my computer and on my actual flippin’ desk.   Why then, is the ironing board behind me being used as a credenza?  And the 9 cases of books to the right of me also being used as a credenza?  And ditto for the top of the filing cabinet?

Why, with all the gizmos available to us … the filing cabinets, and the folders for the folders within the folders, and the QuickBooks software, and the iPhone “sticky” app where you can write yourself notes  … why with all this is life still so messy? Where do all these receipts come from?  And why did Wells Fargo send me THREE offers for a credit card, with credit cards affixed to them?  Why does my phone bill have something like 4 pages, when only one has really important information on it?  Where are my staples?

And why has it been so long since I’ve done what I really love, which is write on this blog?

I guess I should remember:  one thing at a time.






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2 responses to “A Whole Lotta Mess

  1. Renee Vollen

    Sage advice. JOT. I’ll remember that!

  2. Alexis

    I swear, there are (many) days just like that in my life. Riding the storm. Just making sure I’m afloat and can breathe!

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