No Lazy Dazey

Category:  things I wouldn’t believe if it hadn’t happened to me.

This is me swimming.  I’m in my in-laws lovely lap pool, and I was trying to get a mile in before dinner.  I was chugging along, in my own head, when BLAM, I’m met in the pool by 45 pounds of paddling dog.  Her name is Dazey and she is a lab puppy.   I knew that she could swim, of course.  It’s always one of the things that is exciting for kids to do:  attempt to get the puppy in the pool to see how well she can swim.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how well she could swim.  In a straight line.  With turns at the end.

Oh yes, Dazey wasn’t a splash in the pan.  She was in it for the long haul.  And so there we were, doing laps, side by side.  I would get to the wall and do a flip turn, and Dazey would simply turn around at the wall and head for the other end.   Her little paws and legs were pumping, and I’ve got to tell you, it’s easy to lose track of your lap count when you have a dog as a swim mate.  She stayed with me, stride for stride.

I eventually got out.

She didn’t.  So committed to swimming was she that we had to fish her out of the pool three times that night.



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4 responses to “No Lazy Dazey

  1. Lou Ann Glader

    And that wasn’t the last time we had to lure her out of the pool. She became my swim partner, wouldn’t get out, went back in, went on a walk and jumped in again ! I think she has a lap, as in swimming, fetish!


  2. Carl Spitzer

    So sweet. I want a lap dog!

    • Again, last night, she swam for over an hour. And that was only the first “session.” Poor thing, she’s a bit OCD. Had to be locked in the garage to chill out. But fortunately she did climb on the stairs when she was tired.

  3. christa

    i think i love this dog

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