What’s Your Vision?

20/20 or blind?

Just like everyone else or that freaky girl in the corner with the strange ideas?

I’ve been swimming around the creativity end of the pool lately, and getting comfortable with my own visions.   When it’s all flowing, and I just let go, cool stuff often bubbles up.   Make no mistake, sometimes it’s crappy.  BUT, there’s a little voice that tells me when it’s crappy, and then I hit delete and start over.   And there is another voice, getting stronger every day now, that will give me a wiggly thumbs up when I get it right.  Whoo-hoo goes the voice.

Can you imagine the pressure of creating on a grand scale?  In concrete and glass and 90-stories tall?

I’m thinking this way because last weekend we were in Chicago, and had a chance to go on an architectural tour with Chicago Line Cruises.   Big wiggly thumbs up.  Not only was it a chance to be on a boat, which meant I wasn’t walking in hot weather, and they served cool drinks and cookies, but it was led by an encyclopedically minded docent who knew EVERYTHING about the architecture and history of downtown Chicago.    As we floated down the river (whose flow, we learned, was actually reversed at one point …), the hulking skyscrapers of Chicago floated by.   I had never, ever considered architecture in this kind of detail.  This 90-minute tour made me look at buildings differently.


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