Words I Love: First in a Series

I have said this for a long time.  I love words.  There are so many to choose from, or, conversely, from which to choose.  So, indeed, there are many ways to arrange all these scrumptious words into a pattern that is different almost every time.


Some words are so very groovy to me because of how they sound.  Some poke out of your mouth, like they are rip raring to go and can’t wait another moment.  “Fart” is one such word.  It almost gets stuck in there, and needs to be shoved out.  (Love how that particular word sounds like it means.)   It is also almost always likely to get a laugh from a child under the age of 10.

Try it.

Other words take their own sweet time.  They are Rubenesque.  Delightful.  In keeping with the aforementioned 12-year-old boy theme, the word “poo” is so soft and floaty.  Don’t say it like you’re pissed or you are trying to scare someone.  Say it as if you only have a teaspoon worth of air in your mouth, and the last thing in the world you’d like to do is use it.

I wish people would use more words.   The real popular ones get so tired, poor things.  So maybe try to bust out some new, fresh words this week.

To wit:  roll “tenuous” around your mouth a few times.  It means very weak, very slender or fine; insubstantial.    It’s a great word.



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5 responses to “Words I Love: First in a Series

  1. thegabbingmind

    I love words too! Don’t know if you have been on it or not but there is a cool site trying to promote the many unused and dying words from Oxford Dictionaries. It’s http://savethewords.org/ – worth a look if you like very obscure and interesting words.

    • I heard something on the radio about that. Or actually, about how the OED isn’t going to be printed anymore, because people now look up words online. I’ll check it out. Thanks … and cool pix for your header on your website. Seems we have a lot in common.

  2. Love the word delightful. Thanks for reminding me of tenuous.

    Keep sharing! I love the word Sweet.

  3. Lori Berry

    I have found that the word “cooties” gets a smile from most everybody from about age 3 to 103! Words are great!

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