Words I Love: Second in a Series

Glob is a great word.  It sounds like what it is.  And there is something very special about words that do that.   You really can’t say “glob” quickly.  I mean, you can of course, but it sounds forced.

Glob needs to take its time coming out of your mouth.  It slows you down.  It’s brilliant.

Blob is right next to glob in my book.  Although for some reason, possibly because people use it more, glob seems cooler.  Blob did get its own movie, however, and not very words can say that.

What about tubby?  Now that’s a nice word.  Kinda like plump.  Instead of calling something fat, which seems so biting and angry, try tubby.  It’s pleasant.  Like a cartoon character.


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One response to “Words I Love: Second in a Series

  1. Liz Tufte

    I also like “glom” … well, I don’t actually LIKE it … I like to use the word b/c it is an accurate description. Being “all glommed up” is very uncomfortable. It kinda feels like I’m a glob when I’m in that state.

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