Crash & Burn

A cautionary tale.

Laptop computer with long powercord stretched taut.  Child moving at high speed.  Flying computer.  Little bits of data scrambled on the screen.

Back up your data.  (Thank god this wasn’t my computer … but I’m sorry for my husband …)



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3 responses to “Crash & Burn

  1. Marilyn

    Not a Mac? The cord pops out when tripped over. Another stroke of genius for Apple.

    • Oh no, he’s full on Dell PC man. The nice thing is his computer is tiny and light as a feather. The bad thing is that when you are trying to watch the Giants game in the living room while doing work on your PC, things get sketchy.

  2. Liz

    Hi Sue!

    You seem amazing…
    I wonder if you might be interested in contributing two copies of Nowhere Hair to the Cancer Resource Library?

    “The Cancer Resource Library makes cancer-relative literature and media available to borrow by cancer patients, their friends and families, and researchers and scholars alike who otherwise cannot afford to purchase this type of information or who may need the information only temporarily.”

    That’s who we are, and we’d love to have Nowhere Hair as part of the collection of titles available.
    We are also embarking upon a nation-wide book drive; if you have anything in your personal collection that you would like to pass on to the Library, please do! Anything relative works, from pain management to how to explain your cancer to your pets.

    Bless you, and thank you,
    Liz @ the Cancer Resource Library

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