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It’s the Middle of the Night

Why is the bathroom light on?  Why is the bathroom light on when I can hear snoring next to me?   Is Hans awake for some reason?  No, he’s right there in his bed.  So why is the bathroom light  on?  That’s weird.  Wait, there’s a light on downstairs too.  Jeeez.  AND the Christmas tree lights?  Power outage.  Anders is mumbling something about a power outage around midnight.  Man, people are going to be late for work and school tomorrow.  Glad I have one of those battery operated alarm clocks.  Don’t want those electro magnetic waves all up in my brain as I sleep.  Sleep?  Yeah, that would be nice.  Maybe if I roll over onto my side and tuck in the cool side of the pillow I will fall back to sleep.  I wonder what Sophie would like for Christmas?  I mean those gift cards are great for kids, because who do I think I am picking out something for a teenager?  I wonder if they even liked what I got them last year.  That was a nice shop I visited last year when I got her gift.  What in the world is blinking in my office?  Why does my printer blink like that?  And then pause, and then start blinking again?  I just saw those electro power off devices in the drawer in the kitchen today.  I wonder how much current and kilowatt hours those things draw during the night?  We have a SmartMeter now, and so I should probably do something about that.  Yes.  Definitely.  Tomorrow I will pull out those auto power shut off things from the kitchen cabinet and put my 2 phones in the office and that silly blinking printer … there it goes again … and the computer on one of those things.  And when I go to bed and GO TO SLEEP I will turn it off.  Well, actually, I could do that when I leave the office for the day.  Yeah.  I’ll do that tomorrow.  But what about the Airporter wifi that is right below Hans’ bed downstairs.  That article talked about that being bad for kids brains … and it is right below Hans’ bed.  Yeah, need to do the same thing with all that stuff downstairs.  Then when Anders COMES TO BED at night, he can turn it off when he comes up stairs.  Maybe if I find some velcro and put it right there by the light switch when he comes up stairs for the last time, he can just flick it off.  He won’t remember.  He’s going to think I’m a freak.  But that article.  Maybe if I show him that article.  What the heck is blinking on my ceiling.  That was a blink, right?  I’m not just seeing things?   I should roll over.  Yeah, I’ll roll over and snuggle with Anders, who is snoring so softly.  And there goes Roxy, with her long drawn out sigh.  How cute.  I should record that somehow.  How could I do that?  Bring a recorder to bed, and just record the silence? She’ll do it at some point.  I wish I had more sounds of Hans when he was little.  I should tell Cammie that.  Record the baby.  For old times sake.  They’re both asleep.  This feels night to be snuggling.  But I’m still awake.  Really really awake.  I always think this position will be good.  Like, how many times do I think this will feel good enough to fall asleep, but it never does.  Never does.  I’ve got to turn over on my right side, away from him, and tuck that comforter under my chin just so.  Or maybe on my back.  Yeah, let’s try the back.  What is blinking up there?  That is definitely a blink.  Fire alarm.  Yeah, cooking those pork chops tonight set of the fire alarm.  Crazy loud, that thing is.  I need to remember this year to get Kim something cool for Christmas.  Every year she does something nice for me and I don’t have anything for her.  God, that makes me feel stupid.  Can’t do that this year.   It feels nice that I have good friends.  Cammie is such a natural.  I mean, when she scooped up Jade like that and started tickling her?   Should I just get up? Pee.  I’ll go pee and this will be better.  And put on some lotion.  This bed is hot.  I have too many covers on.  What time is it?  Where is my clock? I bed Anders grabbed it before he went to bed. I hope he did, otherwise I never wake up in the morning.  Is that rain on the skylight above the bed?  Yup, definitely a bit of rain?  And some wind.  Why don’t I hear my wind chimes.  Isn’t that funny?  Thomas hates wind chimes … Tomorrow I’ll have to go and make sure they’re not wrapped up in the tree.  No.  Can’t hear them at all.  I can barely even hear the fish pond.  These double insulated windows are the best.  Really do their job. Keep the noise out.  I should probably get another fish for that poor lonely gold fish in the pond.  I mean, one day he’s got a mate, and the next day … blam … raccoon and no more friend.  He’s probably in some state of suspended animation because it’s getting cold now.  Where is Hans’ winter coat?   I wonder what time it is, really?  Why aren’t more people buying my book?  I should do more events.  And did those post cards that I sent out, I wonder if that woman is putting them out.  I need to call her.  Tomorrow.  I’ll call her tomorrow.  Ooop.  More rain.  Sounds nice.  Now THERE are the wind chimes.  Ok.  They aren’t hooked around the tree. That’s good.  I won’t need to fix that.  Should I do a Christmas card this year? It’s been a while.  Why can he snore like that?  Left side.  Try the left side.  Cannot drink tea like that at 3 pm.  I mean, stupid.  So stupid to do that.  Did I turn on the dishwasher before I went to bed?  I think so.  Oh no… did I put Hans new hat into the dryer?  I don’t think I saw it … because that is wool, right?  I think it’s wool.  And it would suck to shrink it.  I could put in a load of laundry, because with that Smart Meter it’s cheaper to do laundry at night.  Off peak. Yeah, this is definitely off peak.  Middle of the night, off peak.  How can he be sore asleep?  What is wrong with me.  This is not going away.  I should turn on the light and read.  But that might wake him up.  No.  No. It won’t wake him up.  I mean, listen to him.   Out.  He’s out.   Favorite position.  Go to the favorite position to sleep and just lie there.  And close your eyes.  You always tell Hans to close his eyes to sleep.  Can’t sleep with your eyes open.  I’m sure someone can sleep with their eyes open.  That mango was very ripe.   Maybe a book on … what … what would the girls like for Christmas.  Monkey mind. Monkey mind.  I should just get up.  This is stupid.  I should get up and do something.  Maybe I should get up and write about this.  Maybe.  Then maybe I’ll be really sleepy.  Finally.  And then I can go back to sleep.  Yeah.  That’s what I’ll do.



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The Giving Spirit

This is a story of a woman taking things into her own hands.  I like women like this.  I particular like this woman, because what she took into her own hands was my book.  And specifically, getting my book into other people’s hands.

I want to share this story for a few reasons.  Because this woman is so cool, and she deserves the props.  But more importantly, I’m sharing this because I hear every day from people who say they love the book … wait for it … but they have no funding.

I had such a conversation not very long ago with Sharon Leslie, a onco physical therapist from the Bay Area.   She had found out about my book when a girlfriend she works with showed her the copy I had dropped off.  Sharon listens to women “constantly” talking about their anguish over their treatment and their children.  So she did something to bring together the women in need with the book she thought got it so right.

Here is what she did.

  1. Sharon hosted a party at her home one night.  You know, a couple bottles of wine, some very nice nibbles and sweet things.  (She even invited me over for dinner beforehand, so I got to meet her whole family!)
  2. She invited to this party her girlfriend Liz who sells Silpada jewelry (, which is just like
  3. She asked if that girlfriend would donate 25% of her receipts from that night to buying my book.  The jewelry saleswoman was delighted to do that.  After all, she was going to sell a bunch of jewelry that night, and who wouldn’t want to help support other women going through a tough time.
  4. She then invited about 100+ girlfriends to the party (about 50 did come).    A night out.  Shopping for themselves.  Or for gifts for birthdays or holidays.  And knowing that their shopping is going to help support other women.
  5. She also put out a basket for straight donations, if people just wanted to support the idea of giving money to purchase books.

I went to the party that night, because it was in Los Altos, about an hour away from my house.  I signed 14 books that night for different guests who wanted to give them to personal friends.   Combining the $1,285 from the “straight donation” basket, and the 25% of jewelry sales resulted in 181 MORE books.    Sharon now gets the pleasure of handing out my book to anyone she thinks could use it.  No strings attached.

It’s such a fantastic idea and a 5-way win that I just had to share it.  May it inspire more such events!

Win:  for the books.  They get to work.

Win:  for Sharon because she gets to hand out a book to someone in need RIGHT THEN AND THERE when the need arises.

Win: for the Liz, because she gets to sell her goods and feel really good about donating some of that windfall to a great cause.

Win: for the friends shopping, because not only do they get the chance to go shopping in a unique way, but a portion of their purchase goes to help other women.  That they’ve never met.  But could be just like them.

And finally a big ‘ol win:  for the women with cancer.  Because there is nothing so wonderful as an unanticipated gift that will help you deal with something so very important and difficult.

So three cheers for Sharon Leslie, who took life into her own hands and has made a huge difference in the lives of close to 200 women and their families.




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