Words I Love: Third in a Series

Ogle.  Now there’s a great word.  With everyone now knowing how to pronounce Google, you might think that ogle is pronounced as if you simply chopped off the first bit of Google.  But, alas, it is not.  It sounds like “hog”.  Ogle is a strange looking word, as if it should be about something ugly or weird.  It does have a kind of Jekyl and Mr. Hyde nature, in that you can ogle someone in a nice way (flirtatiously) or in a super creepy stalker way (think that dead eye stare that fighters give one another when they are sizing each other up before the match.)  Either way, I love it.

My other word I love that I used a lot this weekend is goggle.  It sounds just like what it is.  Funny looking and mildly Germanic (in both the tone and how the item is highly functional).

Which brings me to agog, the love child of oogle and goggle.  To be agog means you are in a “state of eager desire.”  Oooh, yummy.   Sort of half off your rocker with excitement being curious about something.  It’s a good one, folks.

Be agog today.



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4 responses to “Words I Love: Third in a Series

  1. Marilyn

    Agog. Nice.
    While we are ogling and goggling, (and even googling, for that matter) how about the word “gagging”. Makes your throat feel all lumpy and uncomfortable just thinking about it, no?

  2. Yeah, gag is nasty, straight up. Right up there with barf, although barf takes it to the next level, as it were. Such an explosive and angry sounding word … and so apt a description of the action.

    Words are great, aren’t they?

  3. Well the Danes and the Swedes have the same idea. It’s called glug, and it is warm spiced wine served at Christmas. Lou Ann, we need to make this next season …

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