Words I Love: Fourth in a Series

Wobble.  It’s what happens when you attempt to move too quickly laterally with luggage on wheels stuffed to the brim with children’s books.  Similar woobles happen to skateboarders when they hit a certain velocity whilst traveling downhill.   Thankfully this wonderful word is not just used to describe a physical sensation, but a state of mind sometimes.  Like when you have to talk about something hard, you feel wobbly about the conversation.  To tell you the truth, this words sounds mildly Elizabethan to me.  The Forest of Wobble.

The opposite of wobble seems to be slit.  This is a word that doesn’t fool around.  It does what it needs to do.  Quickly.  It’s red hot and sizzles with intensity.  When a newscaster describes a throat being slit (or more likely on some CSI re-run), my stomach always does a little turn.

For those brutes who go can’t for for something as subtle and cloaked as slit, why not pull out a wad of clobber?  Thump someone real good with clobber.  It’s big and bumbling, and very WWF.  Oh, and effective.

Clobber someone today with a really really great idea.  I dare you!



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3 responses to “Words I Love: Fourth in a Series

  1. Marilyn

    yikes, the very mention of that word gives me the heeby-geebies.
    interesting….do we give the words their sensations because we know what they mean or does the word, or better yet, the combination of letters that create that word, contribute to our experience…?
    food for thought…

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