Nowhere Hair’s Beautifully Bald Initiative.

Part “what’s up” book information fan page.

Part “can I hear a holla?” success story platform.

Part “what do you think?” discussion area.

All “being bald doesn’t mean you’ve only lost your hair” location.

Celebrating the victories that come with being bald and vulnerable and open to what is truly inside of all of us.

JOIN THE 103-200 STRONG INITIATIVE at  www.facebook.com/NowhereHair


6 responses to “Facebook

  1. Erin Shafer

    Hello! Thank you for writing this book. My copy is on order and look forward to receiving it!
    I am a wife, and mother of one little boy who is four. I am 30 yrs old and just diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. I’ve had a double mastectomy and am two weeks away from starting Chemo. Basically 4 weeks away from being bald. Your book was recommended just last night by a friend and comes at a perfect time. My son cried himself to sleep just thinking about mommy losing her hair.
    This all takes us by surprise, but it is a relief to have some help (your book) to help explain things. All of this has happened over the last two weeks.
    Thanks for sharing your story. Looking at yours….a 10 yr survivor is encouraging for me. I too refuse to be identified by cancer. It is something I have, not who I am.

  2. Erin – Oh honey, this is such a time just to be strong. To put one foot in front of the other. To do, as my mom tells me, what needs to be done. Notes like this absolutely fuel me, as that is why I’ve spent my time trying to live a bit outside my box of life and share with others. So that what I went through can help someone else. May my book help your son, and may it help you too. And remember, you too will be an inspiration to someone else. To your health! sue

  3. Alexandra Boos

    I am the President of Luminous Breast Cancer Foundation and hear many stories depicting the difficulties children have in understanding what is happening with “Mommy”. Sue, your book is a powerful tool that can springboard a conversation between parent and child in order to cultivate understanding. Your voice in this book is beautiful and I am convinced that Luminous as a Foundation should try to get it into as many hands as possible to help educate and support. You are an amazing woman and an inspiration. Bless you!

    • Alexandra – We are what we do for others, right? I envision Luminous being right there with me for the long haul. Paddling the boat in the same direction …

  4. I loved your video and am so pleased to have discovered your blog – thanks to Jen Singer’s blog. It is so wonderful to be meeting fellow survivors who are helping others through their cancer experience. Mine came 2 years ago – Stage 4 Breast Cancer out of the blue – but I am still here and want others to know that it is not hopeless and you are not helpless, because it is not and your book helps children to understand – BRAVA!

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