Nowhere Hair Book

At one point, I had no hair.   It was a big deal for me, the reason I had no hair.   Breast cancer at 33.  The losing the hair specifically was, to tell you the truth, a bit liberating in a twisted sort of way.   You should know that in college I voluntarily got a flat top because I thought it would be cool to have really, really short hair.  (And I wanted to impress the gorgeous Tasmanian guy who was offering cheap hair cuts at the youth hostel I was staying in.)  Men and women stopped me in public places, like the airport or on the street, to say how much they liked my “do”.  So yeah, I settled into the whole being bald thing a lot easier than many women, but then, what was I supposed to do?

I wrote Nowhere Hair not to bemoan my loss of hair, but because the young children in my life (including my son, his friends, cousins, other children in the parks and just kids around town) were thrown by it.  I wanted to put some context around it.  I also was really frustrated with the selection of children’s books I found on the subject of cancer. They were often too technical for little children, terrifying in how they portrayed the situation of cancer, and, quite honestly, they often made the mother look like an emotional, freaky-looking mess.

And who does that serve?

I think I’ve created a book to help young children understand a cancer diagnosis and how life at home will change and how it will stay the same.  I also think this same book shows women who, let’s be honest, are not in the most fabulishous situation in their lives, remember that they are still fabulous.  That they are still beautiful, and interesting and loving.

To learn more, or to order a copy, visit  To see the book trailer video, visit  Or to join the Beautifully Bald Initiative, go to

It will make talking to a child about cancer a little bit easier.


4 responses to “Nowhere Hair Book

  1. I have reviewed this book. You can find the review on Goodreads, Librarything, Shelfari, Twitter, Facebook and my blog

    This was a most enjoyable and worthy book. Thank you. I will definitely recommend it.

  2. Hi Sue!

    Wanted to let you know Nowhere Hair has been reviewed. Here are the links:

    Also on Amazon, B&N, Library Thing, Jacket Flap, Goodreads and Random Buzzers

    The book itself will be donated to my local public library.

  3. Erin Kieper

    Hi Sue,
    Can’t find your email address on my
    Phone…. Check out
    Nancy Pearl is an icon and the model for the librarian action figure. She is on NPR weekly and I believe not just locally. You need to get to her.

    Hope you are well. Would love to catch up. Doug and I are loving Vashon Island. We now have 2 dogs 🙂 Erin

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